Illustration by Cristy Road



The Forest of the Future

In the Sanctuary at the Edge of the World

With a View of the Other Side

The Forest of the Future is a collaboratively-built art installation that imagines what a queer future might look like.

Located at the water’s edge in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, it is conceived as a magical place where individuals and communities can gather, listen and learn from each other.

From March 2-15, 2013 the Forest of the Future will be open and play host to a Summit of Stories: a series of conversations and performances, photo lectures and parties which aim to connect various queer communities’ past, present, and future. It will also host a unique teach-in on local and international movements for queer/trans/third gender/human rights with presenters from Brooklyn, Nepal, Central Asia, and Europe, as well as host a queer book drive for our sisters in Kyrgyzstan.

This two-week happening was conceived as a symbolic process where people with a broad range of queer experiences work together to acknowledge, process, and move closer toward unity while also honoring and celebrating individual and subcultural differences.

We do this in service of a greater movement for a strategic cultural shift in how gender is perceived and structured globally.

The Forest of the Future is a temporary artistic home for overlapping communities of visionaries and activists, performers and storytellers. Seeds of transformation will be planted in the forest and cultivated in our hearts, minds, and bodies. We empower ourselves to imagine a radically better world, and fortify our commitment to tranifesting it together.

Our first step is to listen to each other, and learn from what we hear.


Forest of the Future : A Sanctuary at the Edge of the World .. from Ricardo Nelson on Vimeo.


  • André Azevedo Organizers & Installation Artists

    André is a graphic & interaction designer and artist. He is also the curator of installations and performance for the MIX film festival. André likes to label himself as a transfagbulldyke, but most people just think of him as a fat balding dude who is transitioning into an approximation of the smiling buddha or a...

  • Andy Queerius Organizers & Installation Artists

    Andy Queerius is a transhumanism fetishist, genderfluid FT & pleatherboi (at time of writing), queer poet who writes mostly about sex and robots, legal worker and activist, bootblack, event planner (, and polyamorous thrill-seeker. Current residence: NYC. Origin: Unknown, likely extraterrestrial.

  • Bizzy Organizers & Installation Artists, Performers & Presenters

    Be bad. Do good. “With anarchy in my veins, allegiance in my heart, transcendence on the brain, and 6 feet 1 inches of flesh that just wants to f**k, f**k, f**k  – It’s no wonder I have no idea what the hell to do with myself half the time.” As Bizzy sees it, it is...

  • Carlo Maria Organizers & Installation Artists

    Carlo Maria is an immigrant anthropologist-in-waiting, who spends most of his time figuring out his own fucked uppedness through social and cultural interpretation and theorizing about the dominations that pervade our lives. Our resistance to it is beautiful. He is currently in Italy assisting Jack Waters and Peter Cramer in their arts ...

  • Cristy Road Organizers & Installation Artists

    Cristy C. Road is a Cuban-American Artist and Writer. Blending her political principles, sexual identity, and social inadequacies- Road lives to testify the beauty of the imperfect. Her endeavors in illustrating and publishing began when writing a punk rock zine, Greenzine, for ten years. The eventually included narratives on race, gender, and ...

  • Daniel Chamberlin Organizers & Installation Artists

    Refined hippie, artist, Eagle Scout, and faggot. Daniel Chamberlin was born and raised in Athens, Georgia, where he lives today. He received a BA in art history from Georgia College & State University, and currently maintains an internship at the Georgia Museum of Art under the Curator of Decorative Arts. He’s an active member of...

  • Guigui Organizers & Installation Artists

    Very fond of anal sex, Guigui as Moonlight, a french fairy fag, decided to change the medium of knitting and crochet in order to develop the muscles of his… hands. The aim of his work is simple: to share the flaming power of sex which is called “CHATOYANCE.”

  • Hyla Skopitz Organizers & Installation Artists

    Hyla Skopitz grew up with a giant papier maché hot dog from a 1950s diner on the mantle and a rubber bat hanging from the dining room chandelier. She naturally developed an eye for detail and ironic juxtapositions. As a teenager, she began documenting the endless shelves and cubbyholes filled with miscellaneous screws and bolts,...

  • Jade Payne Organizers & Installation Artists

    Jade is a queer musician, performer, and sound engineer residing in Brooklyn. Her work explores the parallels between metaphysical, mechanical, and interconnected energy. In addition to recently joining Aye Nako, she plays with Holotropic, a cosmic-witch-house band formed under mysterious circumstances, intent on channeling sacred tales and ...

  • Johnny Valentine Organizers & Installation Artists

    Aspiring dabbler, time waster and scribbler. Her career as a foppish layabout started as a Drag King, side-tracked through nerdy Trans-feminist political activism and amateur pornography, before currently settling on pastoral poetry and baking.

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