Past Events - 1st Week
March 2: 8pm-Late
Opening Night: very.Not.i
verynotinowMomentnow presents their newest Foodgasm performance piece entitled “very.Not.i.” In this interactive, multi-sensory, multi-media experience, the nowMomentnow collective will be making bread and butter. The audience will be encouraged to engage with the food and with the performers in open dialogue throughout the evening.
As we come marching, marching in the beauty of the day,
A million darkened kitchens, a thousand mill lofts gray,
Are touched with all the radiance that a sudden sun discloses,
For the people hear us singing: ” Bread and Roses! Bread and Roses!”
- From the poem ‘Bread & Roses’ by James Oppenheim, 1911
Stay late into the night. Collective reading of The Faggots & their Friends Between Revolutions at dawn.
March 3: 6:30pm-8pm
A conversation with Finn Ballard & Quito Ziegler

Witness these two dear friends catching up and pulling stories out of each other about queer history, faerie tales, trans mythology, and more.

Finn Ballard is a Berlin-based historian and fantastic storyteller whose brain is like an encyclopedia of knowledge. He happens to know a lot about Magnus Hirschfeld’s Institute of Sexology, which was specifically targeted by the Nazis in the 1930′s and leads tours on the queer history of Berlin. Originally from Northern Ireland, he is also an expert on Irish folklore and the origins of faeries.

Quito Ziegler is a 4th generation New York Jew and radical faerie who grew up hearing stories of the Holocaust and really took the “never again” philosophy to heart. This fall they spent 3 months in Berlin, walking the streets and thinking about ghosts. Their conversations with Finn helped them consider their own gender transition more deeply, and added both weight and lightness to their process.

Finn might give a brief lecture, Quito will probably read a story, but mostly they’ll just talk for a while with some contributions from the audience.

March 5: 2:30pm-9pm
Summit of Stories
The Summit of Stories is a daylong series of conversations, questions and story-telling intended to start deeper dialogue about/between local and global movements for queer/trans/third gender rights.
Every participant is considered both a teacher and a learner, and is expected to arrive with their own sets of questions for each other (or that they’ve been asking themselves), prepared to share something of themselves in the process.Local activists and queers are invited to join our crew of invited guests from other circles, including Nepal, Berlin, Sweden, London, France, Tennessee, Philly, Atlanta and Kyrgyzstan. This is a rare opportunity to have cross-circle conversations across queer communities, potentially in service of a greater movement for a strategic cultural shift in how gender is perceived and structured globally.

Facilitated by Ariel Speedwagon and Sparklez.

March 5: 11:30pm-1:00am
She Male Snails

SHEMALESNAILSA film by Ester Martin Bergsmark (2012, Sweden/Denmark) In Swedish w/ English subtitles, 72 min. Presented by our friends at MIX NYC and featuring a talk-back with film star Eli Levéln.

March 6: 8pm-10pm
HER IRON TONGUE & Speculum Orum
M. Lamar
M. Lamar presents two pieces: HER IRON TONGUE & Speculum Orum: Shackled to the Dead.
The Atlantic Ocean holds the remains of countless black bodies, people lost en-route from home to the new world. During the transatlantic slave trade, millions of Africans were carried in bondage to America. A horrifying percentage did not survive the journey. This piece is about them.
Many of the captured people preferred death to slavery. They jumped overboard or tried to starve themselves. In those circumstances the slaver would use a device called a speculum orum to keep the captives’ mouths open while they were forced to eat.
In the fetid holds of slave ships, live bodies were shackled to the dead, sometimes for days and months at a time. The artist M. Lamar believes that we are all also shackled to the dead. The water that rises from the ocean, falls as rain into our reservoirs, and flows down the pipes to our faucets, was once and is still their grave. This water, water that is now inside all of us, conceals and reveals the truth about who we are as Americans. The abducted Africans had their moths forced open. M. Lamar states, “I will willingly open my mouth to lift my voice and let the spirits dance. Yes, we are shackled to the dead! They speak to us and through us. Let their voices rise!”
March 6: 10:30pm-11pm
Mika Risiko of CRIME

Electronic music from the clubs of Berlin to our stage in the Forest, performed by Mika Risiko.

March 6: 11pm-Late

Cosmic disco darkwave dance music by Jade Payne and Dominika Ksel.

March 7: 7pm-8pm
The Fist Is Still Raised
fist-is-raisedWhat do The Lavender Left, Food Not Bombs, radical labor organizers, 1970s feminists, the IWW, Black Power, OWS, anti-imperialist organizing, and fisting have in common? They — and many, many more — all use illustrations of the raised, clenched fist in their posters, newsletters, banners, logos, etc.
The Fist Is Still Raised is a 40-minute slideshow about the history of the use of the raised fist in protest images from 1906-2012. Looking over the development of this one image tells intersecting stories about liberation, direct action, and autonomous organizing for revolutionary change.
Presented by Hadassah Damien.
March 7: 8:30pm-10pm
In-betweenies & Others: Stories from the Pre-digital Era
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABefore there was digital there was analog. Before laser printers attached to home computers there were public photocopy shops. Kate Huh leads you on a journey of stories illustrated by a slideshow from her massive archive of photographs and photocopies, which span over a century to explore the “in-between.” Between photography and painting, between one gender and another, between the start of the 20th century and the end of it, between this and that (and the other thing). Many of the images in this photo lecture were made by the storyteller herself, others are from her archives, family photos or pictures taken by friends.
Tues & Thurs: 3:30pm-5pm
Queer Punk Yoga

Offered for your pleasure by Lizxnn Disaster.

Past Events - 2nd Week
March 8: 8pm-10pm
Futurity: A Cabaret

A fabulous evening of storytelling, magical sea shanties, and the best of Brooklyn drag featuring the inimitable Alejandro Rodriguez, Drae Campbell, Merrie Cherry, Cal Trumann, Sequinette Jaynesfield, and Sasha Wertzel with Sarah Alden, Nath Ann Carrera, Frances Rodriguez, Kate Ryan, and Cassie Wagler. Hosted by Heather Acs.

March 8 10pm-4am
WoahmoneSavannah Knoop, Nath Ann Carrera and special guest DJ Amber Martin bring you your favorite Wednesday night party — on a Friday!
Once a month the Perv-eyors of WOAHMONE come together to create a visual crisco disco ball celebrating the expansive radicalism of Queers and Womyn’s Libbers. Spanning the 60‘s, 70‘s, 80‘s, and beyond, WOAHMONE embraces the occult, the seedy, the ecstatic, and the experimental. Nica Ross’ Ass-Troll Projections combine a pastiche of found films, homemade porn, and YouTube clips while within their sets Nath Ann Carrera and Savannah Knoop explore songs that straddle queer sexual/contextual history. WOAHMONE invites a variety of guest DJs and visual artists to create live video-based performances, and debut new film and video work.
March 9: 9pm-4am
Fireside Fantasy: A Benefit for Faerie Camp Destiny’s Solar Power System
destiny-flyerJoin us for a fire circle of the future to help raise funds (and magick!) for Faerie Camp Destiny’s solar power system.
Pop-up performances (Ritual! Readings! Songs! Stories!)
Drum circle and music jam (bring instruments and join in!)
DJs, Dancing, Drama, and delicious snacks!
Late night encounters (make that fantasy come true!)
Celebrate birthday-faerie Bizzy Barefoot at midnight!
Special Guests and Hosts:
Ms. Elizabeth Taylor, MxCnormous Desdemona, Messapotamia LaFae, Sylvia London, The Destinettes, Quito, Carlo Maria & Connor Donahue, Sparklez & Rica Shay, Daisy Shaver, Dusty Childers, Mercury Aquarius
The Destiny Drag Board requests the following looks:
Flaming Faggot Fiercenes; Alien Warhol Girls; Abstract Expressionist Limp Wristed Revolutionary; Post Apocalyptic Faerie Princes
Suggested donation: $13
March 10: 8pm-10pm
Margery, Helen and Deb: A new story cycle by Justin Sayre
margery-helen-debA trio of stories about life from girls living it. Presented by Justin Sayre.
Mar 10: 10:30pm-3am
Sparklez The Show! & Sparklez Nocturnalia!
sparkleztheshowTwo variety shows starring Sparklez and a gaggle of friends, artists, entertainers and guests. Featuring amusing acts, interviews and exhilarating performance vignettes.
10:30 PM
Sparklez The Show!
Rica Shay
1 AM
Sparklez Nocturnalia!
Boy Wolf
DJ Sokolowski
Be sure to check back as more entertainers will be listed daily.
March 12: 8pm-3am
Whorest of the Future: A Benefit for SWOP & SWANK
whorestCome join SWOP & SWANK organizers, and sex worker allies, for a night of riotous burlesque and performance pieces in support of current and former workers’ right to meet and organize independently.
We’re throwing a party to raise money toward SWANK so that current and former sex workers can continue organizing and meeting in a safe, discreet space. This will allow for continued peer support and community access for folks with experience in the sex trade.
Burlesque performances by The Incredible Edible Akynos and Janet Huey; General Performance by David Sokolowski; GO-GO by Noam Parness, ReVay, and Nathaniel Habegger! DJ David Sokolowski.
There will be a kissing booth with many babes. Strap on your flashiest drag and swankiest winter rags, invite all yr sweethearts & come dance with us!!!
$5-10 dollar suggested donation, nobody turned away for lack of funds.
March 13: 3pm-6pm
The Gentrification of the Mind: A book discussion hosted by QuORUM
the-gentrification-of-the-mind1QuORUM, the friendly community group who brought you Queer House Field Day, QuORUM FORUM, and birthed the original Pop-Up Museum of Queer History, have been gathering forces again to mobilize our communities through radical organizing for collective liberation.
This month they are returning from hibernation with a series of conversations about Sarah Schulman’s landmark publication last year, The Gentrification of the Mind: Witness to a Lost Imagination, an essential, intellectual memoir of gentrification in New York City, the consequences of AIDS suffering & loss, the homogenization of the art and literary world, e-t-c.
After reading this book, our friends from QuORUM may continue on with various other kinds of projects where we learn together about the queer radical past, the city, and gentrification. The goal is more affinity group than reading group — getting exposure to new ideas that will propel us to action and make us better organizers.
March 13: 7pm-8pm
Issues of Representation in Queer Photography

Photographers Samantha Box & Quito Ziegler, in conversation with Yukiko Yamagata of the Open Society Foundations. Other photographers in the queer community are particularly invited to attend and share their perspectives.

March 13: 8pm-8:30pm
Sugarland and Other Stories
sugarlandQuito Ziegler recently returned to Brooklyn after a six-month sabbatical, dividing their time between a radical faerie sanctuary in Vermont, a queer WG in Berlin, and the very proper MacDowell Colony in New Hampshire.
They had gone off into the world to deal with their gender and edit a book of their images taken in the dreamy Brooklyn night, meant to be published this fall. They returned clutching a tacked-up draft of a hand-painted, hand-sewn book of photographs, magical realist memoirs, and a few strange faerie tales about ghosts. They will read selections from this book, tentatively titled “The Queen of Hearts,” alongside a slideshow of images from queer Brooklyn in 2010-11.
March 13: 9pm-11pm
Flight of the Rats: Like A Waterfall
Flight of the RatsJack Waters and Peter Cramer are performers, film makers, founders of Le Petit Versailles garden, and Lower East Side stalwarts since 1981, as documented in the recent publications Alternative Histories: New York Art Spaces 1960-2010 and Gentrification of the Mind: Witness to a Lost Generation.
Currently working as artists-in-residence at the Emily Harvey Foundation in Venice on a multi-media opus project entitled “Pestilence.” Additional music and sound elements for the piece will be developed further at Harvestworks in April, all of which will be the basis of a special event in Fall 2013 at the Emily Harvey Gallery New York.
Jack and Peter are assisted by Carlo Maria, an immigrant anthropologist-in-waiting, who spends most of his time figuring out his own fucked-uppedness through social and cultural interpretation and theorizing about the dominations that pervade our lives. Our resistance to it is beautiful.
Past Events - Final Weekend
March 14: 7pm-8pm
Shomi Noise and Aquamarinez

Please come join Shomi Noise and (Aqua)Marinez as they share their solo musical projects at the magical Forest of The Future.

(Aqua)Marinez is Marina Benedetto. This project is about transcendence and trusting the universe. The past, present, and future are all existing and time is an illusion. Its about breathing in deep and letting it all go. Aquamarinez examines the ocean and space as endless entities to think about.

Shomi Noise, mostly known as a DJ, will be showing another side of herself. With only her guitar, she will be singing original stripped down songs inspired by the rawness and DIY attitude of the 90s riot grrrl movement. These songs are about immigration, heartbreak, feeling misplaced, queer feminist empowerment, and thinking outside the boxes.

Also check out (Aqua)Marinez On SoundCould

March 14: 9pm-11pm
Jenny Romaine, Daniel Rosza Lang/Levitsky & Ariel Speedwagon

Complete event details coming soon!

March 15: 12pm-3pm
Potluck & Storytelling, Writing, and Performance Workshop with Kit Yan

12-1pm : Potluck! Let’s hang out on our lunch breaks, eat and talk story!

1pm – 3pm : An opportunity to process, unload, and write some shit down and then read it aloud!
Kit Yan will facilitate an interactive writing and performance workshop designed to get folks to work with and rely on each other to write down stories and then share them with each other in a closed space.

March 15: 3PM - 4:30PM
Family Day

Children five and up, accompanied by a grown-up, are welcome to come and play in the Forest.

March 15: 8pm-10pm
CLOSING PARTY: featuring a performance by NAYLAND BLAKE

The elusive Mr. Blake mentioned something about bringing a box of records over to the Forest. Sounds like a party to me….

ps. If you’re interested in staying for FutureFuck please inquire with our friends at Mythical Events (see below).

March 16: 12am
Mythical Events Presents: FutureFuck
future-fuckFutureFuck is a singular opportunity for time travel of the sexuality and body — a chance for faeries, mythical creatures, extraterrestrials, and unknowable beings to frolic together!
Look through the branches of the Forest of the Future and catch a glimpse of what your body will look like — and do — a hundred or a thousand years from now. Meet someone new and love them the way you will when you’ve known each other for a lifetime. Be the person you will be when all the cities have become mausoleums and the green bits and four-legged creatures have returned to dominance.
What will your sex look like when the eternities of a regenerating earth are opened up before you? How will it feel to inhabit our reinvented bodies in a post-scarcity world? In FutureFuck, the present and future blend together in a whirl of erotic energy and consensual, compassionate touch.
Please grab your time-travel companion(s) and contact for an invitation.
March 17: 3pm-6pm
Radical Faerie Heart Circle
Heart circle is one of the central traditions of radical faerie community. It is the time when faeries come together as equals to speak and listen to one another through our hearts.
Usually a talisman of some kind is used to identify the faerie who is speaking. As long as that faerie holds the talisman, they may speak without interruption or feedback, and everyone else listens with as much attention and compassion possible. As the talisman is passed around the circle, each faerie has the opportunity to speak or to pass it along.
Speaking from the heart is difficult to define, but when we’re doing it right, it becomes obvious. The quality of a heart circle comes as much from the listening as from the speaking. Some have had deeply emotional, healing, transformative experiences in heart circle. It’s generally okay to join the circle in progress, to take a break, or to leave entirely if one feels the need.
Heart Circle will be held from 3 to 6 pm each Sunday that the Forest is available to us: March 3rd, 10th, and 17th. You don’t need to identify as a faerie to participate. All are welcome to join.